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Recently, we made a big announcement regarding the future of the project. We talk about what will happen with the legendaries, introduced staking, extra web3 utility. an updated team roster and more! We recommend anyone looking to invest in the project to go over some of the changes to better know what they can expect  in the coming weeks and the coming months!

What we’ve been up to

What Went Wrong With the Mint

While our project was unique and we offered utility that had never been seen before, we failed when it came to NFT strategy. We also did not handle the post mint well due to our lack of experience in the space and that along with the issue mentioned below, caused our mint to fail despite our best intentions and despite releasing our utility even before the mint.

Growing The Team

The first step we took was to expand our team. We hired people that can not only help us keep the discord fun but that can also help us come up with new strategies, bring more utility and bring in even more ramen shops to our network.

Genesis Collection

One of our main priorities is to reward our holders and especially our diamond hands who truly believe in what we are building and are giving us their utmost support.

Rewarding Diamond Hands: Staking

We wanted to bring in more use cases for our NFTs and for our holders to be able to interact with them. Along with that, we wanted to introduce extra utility and find a fairer and clearer way to reward our biggest supporters. This staking option will come with additional top tier utilities in the web 3 space as well. With The Ramen Shop, diamond hands and long term holders are always greatly appreciated and generously rewarded.

  • Percentage chance or guaranteed chance for free NFT airdrops based on staking period
  • Receive discount and/or free NFT tools from Web3 Companies based on staking period
  • 1 or more free NFTs from our second collection based on staking period and amount of NFTs staked
  • Ramen shop discount benefits and freebies will only apply to staked NFTs regardless of staking period (excluding the legendaries)

Community Events

Due to the time we spent planning our next moves and the lack of team members, we have not been hosting any community events. Part of the reason why we expanded our team was to mitigate this and increase the amount of community events both on discord and on twitter drastically. You can expect regular voice chats, giveaways, community games and competitions, bonding events and ofcourse educational sessions as well as more frequent updates and behind the scene works by us. Even if the competitions end up being non-NFT related, you can expect to be rewarded in other ways depending on the competition. An example of this could be video game competitions with in game items given as rewards.


When it comes to marketing, we are putting more effort not only in design but also in the collaborations we have with other projects and companies to increase our brand reach and relay the message of our vision and our utility in a better way to newcomers. We are doing this to increase activity in our discord server, volume on Opensea and network with other projects in the space. Along with this, there will be more giveaways hosted, AMAs and frequent community updates.


We created a Linktree to better organise our socials and include even more websites to help us structure our information better. This will include medium posts, whitepaper links, a completely new website that will keep being updated as the project moves forward. Along with this, some information such as ramen shops we are collaborating with was hard to find, so we wanted to structure this in a way so that newcomers can find such information more easily.

Ramen Shop Partners

We are proud to announce 2 more ramen shops joining us from Japan which are also part of international chains.

Extra Utility

Along with the new ramen shops, we will be offering our stakers access to NFT tools through discounts and free tools. We will be collaborating with more than 1 Web3 company and cover a broad range of tools to help you invest, snipe NFTs and learn about both investing and also creating in the space. We are currently in talks with such companies and we are trying to offer our holders not only as much value as possible but also even more value to those who choose to stake their NFTs for a longer period of time.

Long term project collaborations

Throughout the past few weeks, we have been in talks with other NFT projects, sealing long term collaborations with them not only to reach a wider audience but also become a reputable project in the space offering and gaining extra utility through these collaborations. One such project we are excited to be announcing as our long term partner is Tasty bones. They have bought some of our NFTs for their users and we are happy to be part of their food offerings.

Future Plans

This is only the beginning, even though we have already launched, you are all extremely early to this and our collaborations with Ramen Shops are only the beginning. You can expect more utility such as web3 tools to be added, more ramen shop coverage in different countries and regions as well as entirely new real world utility that will be introduced along with The Ramen Shop Friends.